English Corner Activitie :
  • The English Corner has many different uses at Po Chiu Catholic Secondary School.
    Firstly, it is used as a classroom for half of the lower form classes to allow classes to split into two and give the students more attention from the teacher during English lessons. 
  • The English Corner is also used four times a week for after-school activities, with a game and speaking club on Tuesdays, a reading club on Thursdays, and F6 and F7 oral exam practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. 
  • The teachers know that they can go to the English Corner if they want to take some students aside for special English activities, such as Speech Festival training, preparation for debates, film shows and the annual Halloween party. 
  • Finally, the English Corner is a useful venue to hold English Panel meetings in an English environment.
  Major Concerns :
  (1) Developing students’ respect towards others.
  (2) Develop students’ sense of responsibility and learning how to learn skills.
  (3) Designing the curriculum to prepare for the New Senior Secondary Curriculum.